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24. srpna 2011 v 18:59 | tina sukku
The second season, Mourinho left, Benitez succession, but Inter are no longer hard to the glory of the Triple Crown season, the European Super Cup defeat, copy Barcelona Albert hopeless six crown, dominated the five-year league supremacy ONITSUKA TIGER MEXICO 66 Milan have also been destroyed, stop 8 in the Champions League than the 09/10 season glory, no doubt this is a season of frustration, but the team still won two titles, namely the Italian Super Cup and Club World cup, the cup of the two main characters is Eto'o, Italian Super Cup, scored twice to help the team put on Leopard reversed Rome,supra Footwear the Club World Cup final, defeated fellow African cheetah city, helping the team success. " five time winner, "but in the Champions League, in life and death battle with Bayern, 2 cheetah staged a mass shooting, the director of the incredible reversal of these is the frustrated one of the few bright spots last season. Even more critical is that in this season, the cheetah has reached a career peak, a maddening 37 single-season ball (not the national team scoring), beyond the 97/98 season, Ronaldo, among the Inter history The second (after Angelo Lillo's single-season 38 goals). Of course, this is only ugg boots australia in the team record. Eto'o's two years, the same as Inter Milan has created huge wealth. "Gazzetta dello Sport," Eto'o for Inter calculations on the economic accounts. According to the original contract with Inter Milan cheetah, he will force Inter to 2014, due to high tax rates in Italy, Inter Milan's salary paid annually Eto'o will reach 24 million euros, the next three years, the total is 72 million euros . Inter rest of the money now, and can also be regarded as a disguised form of benefit. Two years ago in the summer, Inter Ibrahimovic North face jackets outlet to Camp Nou, Eto'o received benefit +4600 million euros, when Samuel Eto'o arrived in price was only 20 million euros. Two years later, formally joined the cheetah An Zhi worth 2,700 million euros, the difference of 700 million. Inter Milan for the past two years is equivalent to nike mercurial the total cost of the Cheetah X2 = 4800 24 million minus the 7 million euros, 41 million euros. 41 million euros in return is an important cornerstone of the five crown, worth? The answer is very clear. You know, Inter had two Nike Mercurial Vapor years to pay nearly 50 million euro (+ transfer fee pre-tax salary), possessor of almost no contribution Mancini! Now, Inter Milan away Eto'o, they can save 72 million +2700 million = 99 million of the funds, the funds can be implemented to Inter from troubled financial fair policy, but also to provide funding to protect the team's signings . No wonder, "Gazzetta dello Sport" Inter introduction Eto'o once, as the decade's Timberland 6 Inch Boots most successful transfer operation.

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